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May 14, 2015
Dear Families,
The results are in! Our children have voted, and for each issue, $1000 was split based on the percentage of the vote each received. The 12 causes will receive the following amounts:
Helping Animals
San Diego Zoo: 46% of the vote or $460
Animal Haven (Dogs): 34% of the vote or $340
Cats in the Cradle Rescue: 20% of the vote or $200
Helping People
Autism Speaks: 30% of the vote or $300
Buena Vida Center: 22% of the vote or $220
Special Operations Warrior Foundation: 48% of the vote or $480
Fighting Diseases
Breast Cancer Research Foundation: 33% of the vote or $330
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation: 25% of the vote or $250
Alzheimer's Association: 42% of the vote or $420
Helping Around the World
American University of Nigeria Foundation: 22% of the vote or $220 57% of the vote or $570
Heifer International: 21%of the vote or $210
Thank you all for your support of our Penny Harvest program, and remember—this is a year-round initiative, from collection to distribution, and your children have been instrumental at every stage. We are proud of their hard work!
Elizabeth Schneider
Penny Harvest Coach/School Librarian



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